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CIB Media's selection of documentary American military UNIT and CAMPAIGN history books and videos is one of the largest available anywhere: Army and Marine Corps division histories; Bomb Group and Fighter Group histories; Naval Warfare and Warship histories; Histories of America's major campaigns in World War II, Korea and Vietnam. In addition, we are adding new titles weekly.


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WORLD WAR II WITH WALTER CRONKITE. 8-DVDs with 24-1/2 HOURS OF THE MOST COMPLETE FILM COVERAGE ON WWII AVAILABLE. Includes the entire original 22-part CBS News production of 'WWII With Walter Cronkite'!!

Click to EnlargeWORLD WAR II WITH WALTER CRONKITE. 8-DVD Set. Running Time: Over 24 1/2 Hours!

World War II was the largest and most destructive war ever waged, engulfing the far reaches of the globe. The defining event of the 20th Century, this war lasted more than 5 years, spanning three continents and the seven seas, and threatening the future of civilization itself. The legacy of that conflict remains strong today,having shaped and changed our world in a thousand ways.

Walter Cronkite, a distinguished war correspondent who covered the front lines of World War II, presents this stunning collection that chronicles the conflict in its entirety. Filled with gripping combat footage, this series takes you from the rise of the Nazi war machine to the celebrations at war's end and the Nuremberg Trials.

This collection of 8 DVD's, including over 24 hours of archival footage, takes you through the war years, from the Battle of Britain in Europe to the atomic blasts at Hiroshima and Nagasaki which ended the war in the Pacific. Each theater of operation and major turning point is examined in detail, the great battles and the political struggles, the sacrifices and triumphs of millions of men and women, caught up in the greatest war mankind has ever known.

From the fields of France, to the mountains and beaches of Italy, from the jungles of Borneo and the Philippines, to the high-seas battles in the Atlantic and Pacific, a grand picture of the global conflict plays out in this magnificent collection of 8 DVD's. From the trenches to the skies, here is the story of the campaigns and the commanders, the horror and the heroism that was World War II.

This DVD set has been reproduced from the original CBS News production of "World War II with Walter Cronkite" copyrighted in 1982. Contains all 22 hours of World War II with Walter Cronkite, including the previously released "War In Europe" and "War In The Pacific."

Disc 1

Series Intro - Battle of the Bulge. Whether aboard a convoy crossing the Atlantic, on a flight over Fortress Europe in a B-17 or by a glider to a landing behind German lines in Holland, Walter Cronkite offers a riveting first hand account of life and death on the front lines in World War II. With co-host Charles Kuralt, the series begins with a look at the crucial Battle of the Bulge. (59:00)

Europe: The Allies Close In. Witness the crucial battles and follow along as the Allies race toward the heart of Germany. In Paris, the French resistance goes on the offensive. In the Netherlands, the largest airborne assault in military history throws the Germans on the defensive. Walter Cronkite details the lucky break that carries the Americans over the bridge at Remagen. (95:00)

Extra Feature: Geronimo: The Battle of the Bulge

Disc 2

The Pacific: War Begins. The surprise attack on Pearl Harbor paved the way for Japan's swift advance across the Far East. Walter Cronkite recounts those dark days, including the destruction of United States airpower in Asia at Clark Field, the fall of Singapore and the defeats at Bataan and Corregidor. Also covered is the daring Doolittle Raid, the first strike of the war against the Japanese homeland. (94:03)

Battleground Italy. Witness the rise and fall of the Fascist and Benito Mussolini as Walter Cronkite leads a wartime tour of Italy. Follow Il Duce's first moves as an aggressor that led ultimately to disastrous defeat with the Allied invasions of Sicily and Italy. (91:44)

Extra Feature: Pearl Harbor: Eleven Minutes of Terror (10:50)

Disc 3

Invasion: The Allies Attack. Walter Cronkite presents the chronicle of the two amphibious assaults that would change the course of World War II in Europe. The first assault was Operation Torch, the Allied invasion of North Africa. The second was Operation Overlord, the invasion of France over the beaches of Normandy, a titanic event that has simply become known as D-Day. (91:00)

The War Against Japan. Witness historic military exploits from the Himalayas to the islands of the Central Pacific. Go along with the daring airmen that fly the "Hump" over the Himalayan Mountains, bringing vital supplies to a desperate China. Follow along with the Marines on the invasion or Tarawa, one of the bloodiest and brutal invasions of the war, where America learned the lessons of amphibious warfare the hard way. Walter Cronkite takes you inside the invasion of Okinawa as U.S. forces battle a raging typhoon and kamikaze suicide pilots. Finally, take a unique look at the the Enola Gay, the B-29 that ushered in the atomic age and helped end World War II. (93:00)

Extra Feature: Omaha Beach (15:26)

Disc 4

The Seeds of War. Walter Cronkite surveys the people, places and events that set the stage for World War II in Europe, from the chaos that engulfs Germany after World War I to the rise of Adolf Hitler and the Nazis. (89:46)

The Pacific Campaign. This volume documents the long and bloody campaign that took America from Midway to the blood-soaked beaches of Tarawa, Iwo Jima and Okinawa. Climb aboard a B-29 and see how U.S. bombers took the war to Japan's homeland. (90:46)

Extra Features: B-29; Touched With Firs (6:06); Consumed In Flames (7:25)

Disc 5

Air War Over Europe. Walter Cronkite recounts the awesome campaigns that took aim at the Third Reich from the skies. Join the daring low-level attack on the refineries of Ploesti. Climb aboard a B-17 for a bombing run over Germany. Fly through flak-filled skies and face German fighter pilots. View the secret aerial weapons, the V-1 and V-2, that Germany used in its indiscriminate campaign of terror against Britain. (86:01)

Extra Feature: Allied Airmen POWs of WW II (33:45)

Fighter Tactics 101 (30:28)

Disc 6

The Eastern Front. From the Nazi destruction of Warsaw, to the almost suicidal convoys to Murmansk, the Eastern front was the scene of some of the most difficult and savage fighting of World War II, as evidenced by the siege of Leningrad and the Battle of Stalingrad. (90:06)

The German High Command. Walter Cronkite creates an unforgettable portrait of the rise and fall of the infamous inner circle of Nazi leaders. From incompetent lackeys like Luftwaffe chief Hermann Goering, fanatical anti-semitic followers like Propaganda Minister Joseph Goebbels and enigmas like Deputy Führer Rudolf Hess, the German High Command brought untold suffering and death to millions. (7:00)

Extra Feature: Global War (7:00)

Disc 7

The Scandinavian and Soviet Fronts. The pristine, snowy landscape of Scandinavia and Northern Europe was the scene of brutal, sub-zero combat. Walter Cronkite surveys the fighting in Scandinavia and also reviews the Russo-Germans non-aggression pact and Hitler's surprise attack on the USSR. (89:00)

The Pacific Perimeter. This volume is a chronicle of war waged on the fringes of the Pacific Theater. Walter Cronkite reviews the war against the Japanese from the steamy jungles of New Guinea to the frozen Aleutian Islands. Also examined are U.S. coastal defenses, the aircraft carrier USS Enterprise and the internment of Japanese-American citizens, a troubling chapter of the war on the home front. (90:48)

Extra Feature: The Silent Hunters (6:18)

Disc 8

Wars With A War. This volume chronicles the campaigns that raged from the major fronts of the war. Walter Cronkite covers the German led Russian units of "The Army of the Damned" and the barbaric civil war in Greece. Dramatic footage also captures the fall of Czechoslovakia, the relentless Axis assault on the Mediterranean Island of Malta and the South Atlantic drama played out by the German pocket battleship Graf Spee. (89:27)

Home Front & Victory. Concluding this epic account of World War II, Walter Cronkite focuses on the final months of the conflict. Experience what life in America was like during wartime. See how America responded during the challenging, chaotic days from Pearl Harbor to VJ day. Come aboard the USS Missouri in Tokyo Bay as Japan surrenders and witness the events that set the stage for the end of the war in the Pacific. After the war, attend the trial of the century at Nuremberg, as the world sits in judgment of the leaders of Nazi Germany, the final chapter of this horrific struggle. (89:44)

Extra Feature: Hitler's Wonder Weapons D-Day (12:27)

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